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Online showcase for your website. «Demo»

Overview of program features:

Announcement of new functions:

What is it?

Online service «Widger» is a virtual showcase of interactive features.

The buyer does not need to come and choose the door, it will be enough to take a picture of the room and remotely preview all door stock.

Our goal:

- For buyers - to simplify the selection of doors in the room/interior, find an alternative to tedious shopping trips and save time.

- For sellers / producers – to increase the percentage of sales by providing a faster and more attractive process of selecting the door.


- For buyers - The door images adapt to the doorway of the room; loaded and controlled by the buyer utilizing control points (vertices). This creates a visual effect of the installed door, allowing the buyer to easily preview the product before committing to purchase. The buyer easily sets the control points for the door once, after which the entire range of products will automatically adjust to the form of the doorway.

The buyer can note favorite doors for further examination.

Buyers using mobile or portable devices have the possibility of a loaded interior door mounted vertically or horizontally, increasing the possible number of camera angles of the room.

- For Vendors & Manufacturers - The program can be utilized using the user-friendly administrative panel. The administrator may easily add new doors, modify or remove existing doors and create new categories as necessary.

The administrative panel contains detailed instructions for managing “Widger”.

There is an API to connect to Viajero in different ways.

All clients are offered support, free advice, and instructions for webmasters and administrators.

In addition to the attractiveness of the site, as well as providing additional opportunities for buyers, the application can be used by specialist.

The site is attractive, provides added opportunities for buyers and can be used by both the buyer and in-store specialists. Specialists can use Widger via tablet or mobile device to assist in demonstrating different stock designs and models to the purchaser.

Link to demo version http://demo.widger.pro/.

Contact us:

USA +15732017757 Angel.

RF  +7 950 324 5582 Vitaly.

RF  +7 926 324 2260 Andrey.

Email: angel@widger.pro